Class IV Cold Lasers for Less!

Imagine owning a Hands-Free Class IV Cold Laser, with the same features, benefits, and the results as Lasers costing $25,000, for only $14,995.? Or maybe you’re dreaming of owning a Powerful 45W or 60W Cold Laser, for less than $30,000?

Now You can!


If you are considering adding laser therapy to your practice, or want to upgrade to the latest, easy-to-use technology, then the MEDRAY T3 is the laser for you, your practice, and 45watts of power with triple wave length strength, 810, 915, 1064.


ONLY $21,995

Hands Free Dual Wavelength

Imagine owning this Hands Free Dual Wavelength Cold Laser with I.C.E. software. This 30 W Hands Free Class IV Cold Laser, is one of the most powerful lasers available in the medical marketplace today for treating acute and chronic pain, and inflammation! With Laser Therapy patients seeing quicker results, faster treatments and improved outcomes. Laser Therapy increases the efficiency, when used with Decompression. With the HANDS FREE Class IV Laser, priced so low; there’s no reason for another patient to sit in pain, while waiting for the C.A. to administer laser treatment POWERFUL!! Priced at $12,995.00! With a 5 Year Warranty!!


Here are just a few of the results you will achieve: Cell Regeneration, Pain relief, Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth, Healing, Anti-Inflammation. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation, Improved Vascular Activity, Increased Metabolic Activity, Improved Nerve Function, and Stimulates Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points.

Upgrade option:

The MedRay Hands Free is designed for Hands free treatment only. With the Prime System Plus upgrade, your Hands FREE Dual Wavelength now has 650,810,915,980 all at once, and built in I.C.E. software allows for a smooth, and faster learning curve. This $3,500.00 upgrade unlocks and adds additional features such as: full attended capabilities, ability to make and save treatments, adjust power levels, MEDROLL special attachment upgrade free, plus much more.

MORE POWER, More Options! Priced at $16,495.00! With the same 5 year warranty!!

Dual Wavelength

Dual Wave Length

This Class IV Cold Laser is Dual wavelength 810 and 980 nm with 30 watts of power



Shock Wave Therapy System

The Shock Wave THERAPY SYSTEM represents cutting edge technology in the field of acoustic Shock Wave Therapy. Not only is the Shock Wave Therapy System easy to use, but allows the doctor or therapist to control all settings through the emitter handle.

Benefits of the Shock Wave Therapy:

THE RenuvaLazer
60 Watt Class IV Cold Laser
All Power and No Guess Work For Under $20,000.00
One of the Strongest Lasers on the Market Today

Treat the toughest of conditions with confidence, with this unparalleled powerful Laser. The higher power, in combination with proper wavelength, beam size, and treatment technique, enables medical professionals to Safely and effectively deliver significantly higher dosage levels and enhanced abilities that penetrate deeper into cellular tissue for better, longer-lasting results.

60 Watts Means Shorter Treatment Times

60 watts of continuous power make this one of the strongest lasers on the market today. More power means shorter treatment times. While other Class IV Cold Lasers cost between $25,000 to $42,000, with our Class IV Lasers, you can actually get a faster Return on Your Investment.

Why a Class IV Laser?

What are some of the Biological Effects of Therapeutic Laser Therapy?